February 11, 2013


Hi all, How was your weekend? I wish you had a great weekend. Oya, MsDressy giveaway already closed. And now, I would be happy to announce the winner. Congrats for Evi Mili, you get $80 MsDressy voucher. I will contact you soon. And like I told you in the previous post, I have another surprise for my lovely friends who didn't won the giveaway and everyone, 
Here is a few vouchers for you.

$20.00    code: 733fc3482e      02/05/2013  02/20/2013 (valid time)
$30.00    code: 36ba600e47     02/05/2013  02/20/2013  (valid time)
Both of this vouchers can be used no matter how much you spend on MsDressy

$50.00    849193c2a6     02/05/2013  03/05/2013  (valid time)
This $50 voucher can be used if your total price is up to $300

Enjoy your shopping and get yourself something pretty!


  1. congrats to the winner!
    if you get a sec, pass by my blog & let me know what you think about my new post - tnx!

    P.S. join my giveaway &
    check-out my new outfit post
    @themilanomode on instagram


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