November 20, 2012


Hi all, how are you? I wish you all have a good day. Today, I want to share how to make Maison Martin Margiela X H&M faceless watch bracelet. I know, I didn't put it on my sneak peek post. Cause this idea cames after that, and I am so excited to do it first as long as almost every blogger posting about his collaboration with H&M. It's very easy. But I really respect and adore Maison Martin Margiela for his idea, cause I know idea is more than anything. So, how is the tutorial for this D.I.Y ? here we go
  1. You need unused watch (or the cheaper one), glue, very thin stick, and black ribbon (for another D.I.Y)
  2. Open the watch case with the thin stick, and you can see the inner part of the watch.
  3. Take all out the inner part of the watch include the bezel, and be careful when you take the crow, cause you can wreck the shape of the crown. After that, break the stick the crown. 
  4. Take the crown, and use glue to make it stick on the case. 
  5. And finish for the first DIY. I know the strap of my first pic is different with the pic below, cause I change the strap. hehe. so, my advice is find the right watch case and the right strap
  6. FOR EXTRA DIY, use thin stick to take the spring bar from the lug end and take all the strap.
  7. Put in again the spring bar to the lug end.
  8. Put the black ribbon to the spring bar and you will get MMM bangle with watch frame, advice for this DIY, find the big watch frame (min. 2.5 inch or it enough space for your hand).
Happy trying all, and thank you for visiting and lovely comment on my blog. Oya, I will reply all the comment later all. have a nice day all :)

P.S : if you need help for this DIY, don't hesitate to contact me by email ""



  1. Great idea!

  2. I saw exactly yesterday the H&M faceless watch bracelet on a blog, and thought to my self, 'what an interesting idea', and now I see the DIY on your blog. Great and easy way to make it, love it!

  3. Wow!
    Lovely DIY !


  4. great idea and very nicely explained....would love to try out :)...I love your introduction and would love to stay in touch...I'm following yu now :) drop by whenever you can in my blog too!!!

    Happy week ahead

    Mimi (Mimzy's Closet)

  5. Great item! so Maison Martin Margiela ;)

  6. Love it!;)


  7. Aw lovely post!! this is a great idea. well done. i have a new post up about an editorial i styled, i'd love to know what you think! xx

  8. You have the best DIYs ever. I love this one aswell! xx

    - Victoria

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    Beautiful post, beautiful photos

  10. what a cool idea! I'll have to try this.


  11. woow youre really good with that!!...I dont believe I could do this beautiful watch haha!! Thanks For your comment... Visit and check my new post

  12. Great idea !

  13. Nice idea!
    Love your blog dear!!

    I am following you and would love if you can follow me back!!

  14. sooo great! very innovative
    xoxox have a nice weeknd!
    share the feeling <3

  15. OMG great idea, it looks amazing! Definitely I'm gonna try it!

    XOXO, Collage Minimalista

  16. love this post! :)
    I like your blog,would You like to follow each other ? just let me know dear :)
    XO MP

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  19. nice!!! :)

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  20. Echt schön gemacht, tolle Idee.


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