October 1, 2012


watch (esprit) || necklace (local store) || ikat Madura/headband (local store)

Hi all, how are you?? its been a long time I didn't make a post.. Ya, I want to say "sorry" for it.. I been busy with my study.. and now, I'm back to my blogging life. hehe.

hoya, since I'm off from blogging. I still get so many visitor to my blog, and I wanna say THANK YOU SO MUCH for visiting my blog. and  I got same question, will try to answer.

Where I get all supplies for my DIY?
I get all the supplies from local store in my town, I can help you to get the supplies if you want. :)

Do I make the instructions for my DIY?
Yes, I made it. almost for all my DIY. if you didn't find it, maybe you forgot to click to see more hehe. but if you still couldn't find it, just contact me. I will help you. :)

What camera do I use?
I use Canon D1000 its not an expensive camera and lens. and I already have it for almost 4 years. 

Can we follow each other?
Yes, sure. We can follow each other. I love to read another blogger blog. So, I will follow up one by one the request to follow each other soon. :)


  1. Nice to be on your blog again!! I haven't been blogging for a while too, but I really want to go on again. Looking forward to your posts! :D XX Kirsten

  2. Hey, I missed your posts,welcome back! I am anxious to see what kind of DIY's will you present us in the future! Have an amazing October!

  3. great post honey, welcome again :P
    have a nice day!


  4. Nice stuff! Perfect way to welcome October! :)


  5. I love October and making clear the answers to those questions is a great way to begin the month!




Thank you so much for your lovely comments!!

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