May 3, 2012


Yeay!! I got surprised today. I got this novel "KOLONI MILANISTI" by Siwi Mars Wijawanti from my best friend in Italy, Edwina M.S. Well, she is Indonesian but she live in Italy right now for her study. And She gave me this present for me and another my best friend, Dini RP. Yeay, so happy to received this novel. This morning my dad called me if I got package, I was curious who is sent me a package, but I already notice if this package from her, cause my friend already mention it first on group and said thanks. But still surprised and happy for this. This novel is about dream, how you to catch your dream, and what next after you get your dream, and the formula is easy, after you get your dream, again throw your dream higher. And I love the quote from this novel (regardless I just read the first chapter :P) YOU MUST HAVE A PURPOSE OF LIFE, and I'm pretty agree with this quote. Cause we live from our dream, when you stop dreaming its mean you are not alive.

Yeay!! Hari ini saya dapet kejutan. Saya dapet novel "KOLONI MILANISTI" by Siwi Mars Wijayanti dari sahabat saya di Italy. Well, dia itu orang Indonesia tapi dia lagi sekolah di Italy sekarang. Dan dia ngasi buku ini buat saya dan salah satu sahabat saya. Yeay, seneng banget dapet novel ini. Tadi pagi bapak saya manggil kalau saya dapet paket, saya penasaran siapa yang ngasi paket buat saya, tapi saya tau itu pasti dari temen saya yang di Italy, soalnya temen saya udah mention ttng buku ini di group dan bilang makasi. Tapi tetep bikin saya terkejut dan seneng banget. Novel ini bercerita tentang mimpi, bagaimana kamu meraih mimpi, dan apa selanjutnya yang harus kamu lakukan setelah meraih mimpi kamu dan formulanya mudah, lemparkan lagi mimpi kamu lebih tinggi. Dan saya menyukai satu quote dari buku ini (meskipun saya baru baca chapter satu dari buku ini :P) YOU MUST HAVE A PURPOSE OF LIFE, dan saya sangat setuju dengan quote tersebut, karena kita hidup dari mimpi-mimpi kita, ketika kita berhenti bermimpi maka artinya kita tidak hidup.


  1. I know you may not have so much time now to update your collection of books. That's why I send you one :D
    Hope you enjoy the book. :)

  2. wawaw..iseng nemu link ini, ternyata ini dia jawaban kemana Koloni Milanisti saya yang dipesan Wina. Thanks for reading :)


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