April 28, 2012


Yeay, weekend is coming. Any plans for your weekend? Well, this week is not really nice week for me. Cause I'm not feeling good and my mom will ask me to stay at home. ahahaha. but its oke.

Oya, today I just used DISQUS on my blog. 
What is disqus? 
Disqus is an online discussion and commenting service for website and online communities that uses a networked platform

Why I used Disqus?
Cause I want to make conversation between me and my great reader more easier and everybody can come into conversation or like other comment. 

The Good of Disqus?
More easier to make interaction one to each other. We can like other comment, or reply other comment below it. So, the conversation more easier. And you are more easier to use it cause you no need to change your HTML program on your templates, even no need to understand java script to change it. but sometime is makes confused if you are not common. and more eye catching. 

The Bad of Disqus?
I can't show all my past lovely comments from all of you :( but I save all of it. So, I still can read it.

That's all about about Disqus, I wish this application can work well for all of us,and we have a good quality discussion. Happy trying..At least, I wish you have a lovely weekend all.

after a day, i tried this application. Its didn't work for me. why? cause, if you don't have disqus account, its makes me hard to track they blog account. Cause when i get comments from someone, i'll open they blog, and read they blog. and i guess, other people too. so, i decided to take it off from my blog. 


  1. Hi hun, thanks for stopping by - following you now via bloglovin,
    Have a great start to the new week!

  2. I don't see the difference with the actual service of comments, I mean it doesn't bring something news !

    Elegantesque Blog

  3. To tell you the truth I am not a big fan of disqus especially because it's non t working very well on my ipad and sometimes I cannot comment :-))
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  4. Yeah, I love disqus. Probably one of the coolest commenting systems that we have.


Thank you so much for your lovely comments!!

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