April 5, 2012


after I read so much about UDP (User Datagram Protocol) and i get confused and boring with my program.. so, i decide to sketch some, i know its not a good sketch.. and i tried from some sample sketch, and i was trying to sketch it without any help, only pic in front of me, my pencil, my paper, and my pen.. ya, as you know i want to learn how to drawing a sketch.. i have learned about it when i was in junior high school, coz of my friends around me loves drawing so much.. so, i learned.. and now, i want to learn about it again.. even i know im not good, but i'll take some practice for it.. maybe you can give me some advice to be a better illustrator??


  1. girl,, i never know you have such a good talent on drawing!
    good job!

  2. lol...not at all, i just learn how to draw when i was junior high school coz of my friends loves drawing.. :D


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