April 5, 2012


after tooks some pics with my sis yesterday.. we went to Reading Light and we had afternoon break in there. I had cinnamon coffee and my sis had pancake and choco milkshake with ice cream but i forgot to take the pic of choco milkshake.
another option if you want quite place and do some works. They sell various used english books or they will buy your unused english book. some of they books in other languange like dutch, japan, french, germany and of course they sell the books at LOW PRICE so much different than you buy at bookstore. they also sell lamps and knitting.
And in there you can read all the books for FREE and you can order coffee, tea, or snack to accompany your reading time or your works.

if you have time and want to come, here the address
Jl. Siliwangi 16 (near Ciumbuleuit)
Bandung - 40141
West Java
Ph. 022-203 6515


  1. looks yummy!! when I come back, you have to accompany me to taste it :D

  2. ahahahaha.. just ask me and I'll accompany you everywhere.. :P

  3. aawwww... looks just sooo delicious!!
    ..and like a great afternoon :)



  4. @la floresta desordenada ahaha.. yes, its delicious.. you, very rite, i had a nice afternoon with my sis.. ^_^


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